The Gimswood Quiz

Identify the trees from their description and pictures    
This tree was sacred to the Druids and is considered “the king” of British trees
5 points
This tree has thorns which cross and provide protection against witchcraft and the devil
6 points
This tree can fix nitrogen from the air and the berries may have been fed to horses to give them a glossy coat
5 points
The fruit can be fermented into verjuice and used for scalds, sprains or parties
5 points
Also known as the snowball tree because of its flower heads
6 points
Almost wiped out in the North of England in the 17th century because its wood was used to make charcoal
6 points
Sacred in Scandinavia where legend has it that man was made from the bark, also used to make hockey sticks
5 points
Produces “chequers berries” which can be used to treat colic
6 points
Used to make dyes, yellow and brown from the bark, green and blue from the berries
5 points
Used to flavour Turkish Delight
5 points
Test your tree knowledge      
Which family of trees does aspen belong to?   2 points
The wood from which tree has been used for yokes for oxen and in watermills?   2 points
Which British tree is the most long-lived?   2 points
Why are there no live mature elms in Gimswood?   2 points
Why are there no horse chestnuts or sycamore trees in Gimswood?   2 points
Gimswood wildlife questions      
Which rare amphibian was found hibernating next to the stream in Gimswood?   2 points
Which are the two most common birds of prey Gim has seen in Gimswood?   4 points
How many different species of moth were recorded on 2nd August 2006?   2 points
Which threatened countryside bird (95% decline in numbers between 1970 and 1999) is thriving in Gimswood?   2 points
Were you paying attention on planting days?      
Which was the first year of planting?   2 points
Which field was planted first?   2 points
What were the three flavours of soup offered at lunchtime on planting days?   6 points
Who is Nellie? 2 points
What is the bothy? 2 points
How many trees were planted?   2 points
What is the overall survival rate of the trees?   2 points
How many different species of tree were planted?   2 points
How many different species of shrub were planted?   2 points
How many “volunteers” participated in planting?   2 points
Where can you get the latest news from Gimswood?   2 points