Useful Contacts

Please note that the contact numbers were active when I used them, but they do have a habit of changing from time to time.

Advertising of services etc that could be of use (alpha search)

BCTV British Trust for Conservation Volunteers 0491 39766 - supplies volunteers, advice and the volunteers’ tools

English Nature conservation office 01295 257601

Environment Agency used to be Rivers Authority but now has a larger remit. Conservation officer 01684 850951

Forestry Authority 01223 314546 - advice

Forestry Commission

Froglife 01986 873733 – advice on amphibians and pond creation for them

FWAG Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group in each county gives advice, will survey farmland, support and check grant applications

Land Use Policy Group ie a combination of English Nature, Countryside Agency, Joint Nature Conservation Committee lots of links from here to other organisations, 01242 521381

National Small Woods Association 01743 792844

Royal Forestry Society - advice on grants for trees

RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, conservation office 01295 253330

Rural Development Programme via DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, used to be MAFF, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) - encourages development of farming, forestry and rural businesses through government grant schemes. Links to lots of wildlife organisations

Tree Council 0171 828 9928 - advice

Tree Register - database of old and rare trees

Trees of Time and Place 0345 078139 - advice particularly about growing trees from seed

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust 02476 302912

Woodland Heritage 01992 561970

Woodland Trust  01476 581111