December 2003 Report

So much has happened since the last report. It all seemed to come at once and I was rushing from one job to another. rushing from one job to another.

Roy and Andrew dug two large ponds in Big Field, both if which have started to fill from rainwater. There will be a third in due course but it will need careful thought in its design and anyway the ground is now too wet for heavy machinery. Springtime will be activity time again. They also made a small pond, in which we found a horseshoe. There are scrapes in Rye Field at the wet end, which are now full of water and another will be dug later at the top end of Big Field. The existing ponds are filling again, but none of them dried out, despite two of them being used for drinking by the sheep.

Rye Field was eventually ploughed, but it was extremely late in the season, so there was no chance to seed it before the tree planting activity started. Then in the first weekend this month my wonderful volunteers returned to plant nearly 3000 trees and shrubs. I am so grateful to them for helping out. Without them it would make this project so much harder.

Those who came this year were:

Anne and Norman

Anthony and Jack


Carol and Arthur

Carol, Travis and Dion

Christa and Phil



Ele, Balge and Seirian

Gill, Matt, Heather, Claire and Benji

Ian and Lucy


Kathleen and James

Lee and Chris

Liz and Howard

Lucy and Patrick

Margaret and Bob

Marie and Mike

Mary and Catherine


Rachel and Mick



Sandra and Bruce

Shona, Isabel, Mary and James

Stany and Eric


Sue and Mike

Tracey and Ian

Tracy and Mark